Retro Arms - CNC Split gearbox v.2 - QSC 8mm
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Retro Arms - CNC Split gearbox v.2 - QSC 8mm

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Kod produktu 011560#1
Whole new CNC Retro ARMS gearbox with integrated Hop-UP chamber for 8mm bearings

CNC Gearbox is made of 5 pieces.

Split Gearbox (upper and lower)
Spring guide
Complete screws (2x M2,5x3; 5xM3x6 and 5x M3x12)

What´s new in second generation?

- new shape of gearbox, round shape insteed hexagon for more compatibility
- repaired hop up chamber, no more feeding or air leak problems
- integrated pin for tappet plate spring
- more space at the rear of upper, fixed problem with jamming piston
- upper is now little bit lower for more compatibility of charging handle (for example VFC)
- lower is now compatible with any Anti Reversal Latch
- lower has window for relase of ARL
- lower has bigger space for motor wheel
- upper has holes for piston check

Testing and recomended parts.

- tested with nozzle 21.4mm
- tested with buckings G&G green, PDI, Systema Energy.
- spring 170

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